About Us

Owners - Shaun & Katrina Golden
Lil Mama's Sweets & Treats

I have been baking since I was a little girl, always in the kitchen with my mom or my aunts or my grandparents. I wanted to cook and bake like them. I didn’t go to school for baking or get a culinary degree, I came the long way around to having a bakery. I have professional experience in management and in running a business, so the business aspect of owning a bakery wasn’t difficult but doing it in a food and beverage setting was definitely different from my previous endeavors.

I tell everyone I burned my first cake in an Easy Bake Oven, I’m still wondering how you can burn anything on a light bulb, but I obviously made it happen. From then I found that creating something out of nothing was my happy place and where I found ( and still find) the most peace. We get excited here in the bakery when we can create something new or put a new spin on an old recipe.

First and foremost, I credit God with all the success we have achieved thus far, without God we wouldn’t have made it past the first 6 months! Next, my husband Shaun K. Golden  is my biggest cheerleader and the best business partner I could have. Of course I have to recognize my kids, my niece and her children, my aunt and cousins because they keep me motivated to do more and keep going.

I have two girlfriends that I lovingly “blame” for getting me started, Scarlett White, and Eva Alexander. They were always telling me I should sell my baked goods and quit giving them away!